Redding Chiropractic Care

In our fast-paced, demanding society, many people desperately seek relief for their stress. Unfortunately, Americans who are stressed tend to turn towards pharmaceutical treatments for depression, anxiety, and other stress-related problems. These prescription medications can often have side effects that are dangerous and addictive, though.

Luckily, Redding Chiropractic is available here at Redding Sports Therapy & Chiropactor with methods that have been proven to effectively treat stress in a way that is completely safe and natural. When you use chiropractic care to treat your stress, there are no worries about side effects or dependency.

Why See a Chiropractor

A chiropractor is a specialist who is trained on the nervous system. Their vast knowledge of the nervous system is used to manipulate the spine and musculoskeletal structures of your body to help a wide array of ailments. Your spine controls your entire nervous system, so a subluxation of the spine can cause many problems all throughout your body, including your brain. The stress of daily life can exasperate the subluxation and cause stress and mood disorders to become worse.

Eliminating Stress with a Chiropractor

When your mind is dealing with stress, you can develop many serious ailments. These elements can be a simple sleep disorder or something as serious as heart disease. By adjusting your spine, a chiropractor helps your body heal so it can communicate better with the brain. When your body has undisrupted communication, the blood and nutrients can flow through your body better. This allows your body to relax, thus helping you to manage and process your stress more easily.

Many people are walking around with their cervical spine misaligned. The cervical spine is located at the top of your spine and connects with your skull. If your cervical spine is misaligned, your nervous system may have problems communicating with your brain. This can lead to feelings of overwhelming stress and mood disorders. When Redding Chiropractic alignes your cervical spine, your nervous system can communicate with your brain effectively, resulting in your mind and body staying in a balanced state.

Chiropractic Care and What to Expect

Once you schedule your Redding Chiropractic care appointment with Redding Sports Therapy & Chiropractor, we will help get your spine aligned and your stress under control. This is done by first assessing the severity of any spinal misalignment you may have. We will then make a recommendation on a treatment schedule. Treatments generally involve regular adjustments. Typically, you will need an adjustment several times a week in the beginning. These adjustments will gradually taper off until you are in maintenance mode.

Getting a spinal adjustment is quick and painless, and is completely safe. Using the gentle adjustment techniques, your chiropractor will manipulate your spine back into its alignment. With an aligned spine, your body can function at its fullest potential.

If you are tired of being stressed and want to improve your overall health and wellness, call us today to set up an appointment. You don’t have to let stress control your life. With chiropractic care, you will be able to manage your stress better than ever before.