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If you have never received medical training, it can be hard to know how to best treat your injuries unless you go to a doctor. Of course, your treatment will vary depending on the kind of injury you have, but there is a standard protocol we use at Redding Sports Therapy & Chiropractor for our patients. You should always consult your doctor to diagnose your injury properly before taking any course of treatment.

Anytime there is an injury, you must first determine how exactly you injured yourself. There is always a good chance that you broke something if you suffer from a traumatic injury such as a sudden impact, a fall, or a car accident. If you have a traumatic injury, you will likely need an x-ray before any treatment is given. Occasionally, if the injury is more severe, you may also require an MRI so we can have a better idea about the extent of the injury. Most patients at Redding Sports Therapy & Chiropractor are not there for a traumatic injury, though. Most of the time, the problems they are suffering from has been something that has slowly built over time. With these patients, an x-ray is normally not necessary unless we see a medical indicator that there is more wrong than a simple musculoskeletal problem.

If your back is giving you problems, we will need to do a thorough exam to determine if your problem is due to your posture. In our world of technology, people seem to always be looking at a screen. This causes them to posture their head in a forward position and put pressure on their skeleton. If you sit forward too much, the weight of your head can cause more than simply neck pain. In fact, it can cause problems all throughout your skeleton.

If you have an injury, it is important to evaluate your lifestyle and how it may be contributing to your problem. Perhaps you have an office job and are sedentary most of the day. Maybe you have a long commute and do a lot of sitting for work. By simply moving throughout the day and exercising regularly, your body will be healthier and your back will feel better.

Some people that come into Redding Sports Therapy & Chiropractor need to have their injuries treated regularly. In these cases, a regular adjustment program will be suggested to help make changes in how the bones move together and the spine moves. Once the bones are aligned better, it will be recommended that you begin with exercises and stretches to continue helping your healing process.

When a patient adheres to the treatment plan set up by the chiropractor, great results are seen quickly. This is especially true during the first month of treatment. By following the treatment plan, you can get your body back to where it needs to be so you can live a pain-free life.