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I rate RST 5 million stars!

I am a dental hygienist who ended up with a partial tear in the labrum of my shoulder. I was in so much pain I could barely put my shirt on without screaming, let alone complete a full day of work. My MD sent me for PT at the Rose Center, I did 4 months of treatment, and my shoulder was 0% improved. I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon & told surgery is my next step, but I should try more PT first. I’d be able to easily live with the tear if I could get the pain under control.

That’s when I started going to Redding Sports Therapy. I was very skeptical due to my previous failed treatment, and I’d had bad experiences with chiropractors who used scare tactics to try and keep me going there forever. This office isn’t like that. The entire staff is amazing & Dakota, Seth, and JP are all fabulous at their jobs to utilize every technique to see you get better.

They treated my shoulder with such a different approach than what I’d had done before. It wasn’t playing with that stretchy band for an hour with a bunch of 90 year olds like the other place. My appointments started with e-stim & ultrasound, they would do myofascial release & Graston on my shoulder (tremendously helpful & both things I’d never heard of before!), neck & spine adjustments since my upper back was compensating for my shoulder injury , and they’d use kinesiology tape to take the strain off my shoulder before my work week. I was shown exercises, stretches, and mobilization techniques that built up my shoulder’s strength and range of motion over time. The stuff I was doing before at the Rose Center was irritating my injury and causing more pain, not helping. I also had acupuncture with JP, which was the BEST to get my agitated muscles to finally relax. After a couple months of treatment, my shoulder is doing great and I don’t need surgery!

While seeing RST for my shoulder, I was seeing a podiatrist for a “torn ligament” that “wouldn’t heal” in my foot from running (2016 was not my year….). Despite dozens of doctor visits (over the course of a YEAR), tests, shots, immobilization, and thousands of dollars, no doctor could fix it or even figure out exactly what was wrong. I’ve been unable to walk without a very sharp, horrible pain & thought I’d just have to live with it…

Finally some doctor said my cuboid bone seemed a little off. On a whim, I called RST. They got me in the same day. They adjusted my foot & worked their magic to get the tendons and soft tissues to calm down – turned out a bone in my foot was displaced and they put it back where it belonged. 6 hours after my appointment, I HAD NO MORE PAIN!! A year of suffering that no one else could treat was resolved in one visit!! Seth and Dakota fixed my foot!! I’ve had a few visits since then to keep everything mobile but I’m totally fixed!! I was beginning to feel hopeless and think I was going to struggle with this pain the rest of my life, but it’s 100% gone!

I cannot express my gratitude enough!!! I will forever be thankful & continue to recommend RST! I hope to not get injured in 2017, but if I do you’ll be the first place I call!!

Roxanne W.

The highest level of knowledge and professionalism for chiropractic services

I'm an avid, 70+ year old golfer with severe back problems for several years. I recently had RST chiropractic address my back issues after visiting several other facilities, to no avail. To my surprise and gratitude their excellent, well educated, very professional team conducted procedures I had not experienced prior. Bottom line my back has not felt this good in years. Truly amazing. Im a firm believer in this team and a new client for any possible future golf ailments.

jim c.

Caring Atmosphere, Trained Professionals

Dr. Montgomery and his staff have been providing exceptional care to me for about 3 years now. Dr. Montgomery has provided adjustments to my neck, back, shoulders, and hips many times and I always leave feeling better and in much less pain. Sometimes he has applied Rock Tape to provide more support after an adjustment to my lower back or shoulder and it helps so much. The entire staff cares for my well being and are always so warm and welcoming, I can't thank them enough.

Barbara F.

Caring, Healing Touch

I had not been in for an adjustment for several months. My right hip was bothering me quite a bit. It is amazing to me that an adjustment with the drop table on my SI joint and a neck atlas adjustment made such a huge improvement. When I walked outside I was not in pain or discomfort anymore. My hips were both moving well. This taught me not to wait so long to return. Thanks Dakota!

Where to go if you want to stay active!

I am 66 years old and an avid walker and hiker. My ankle started bothering me several months ago, but I kept putting off seeing someone because I did not want to be told to stay off my feet at the height of hiking season. So, I put up with the constant pain, took lots of Advil and limped a lot. When I said this to Dakota he responded that of course he did not want me to stop walking and hiking because how would we know if the treatment worked. I knew at that moment I had come to the right place. I had improvement after just the first treatment. After the third treatment I noticed my ankle only hurt when I was walking or hiking, and then not nearly as bad as before. I have now had 5 treatments and the pain is substantially better. If you want to be stay an active person, this is definitely where you want to seek treatment. Everyone here is so awesome and dedicated to getting you better. I would highly recommend this place.

Mary J.

Awesome atmosphere with awesome people that care and work hard to help

I've been going to RST for 6 months. It's been the best experience! Every time I walk in the atmosphere is healing and energetic. I'm very impressed with how well they know how to help get your body back in shape! Good people doing good !!

Amazing results because they REALLY care!!

Dr Montgomery isn't just satisfied that you are "out of pain", he is concerned for your health as a "whole", because the absence of pain doesn't always mean that you are healthy. Pinched nerves ran "havoc" in my neck and mid-back, which added stress, blurred vision, indigestion and other issues. I am able to sleep, focus and have more energy to tackle the day's challenges. I have only one question for anyone suffering: What are you waiting for? Call Dr. Dakota now!

-Thena L.

Thena L.

Bowenwork Therapy...A feeling of vacation

I saw Faith Dubke for Bowenwork Therapy. I'd never heard of this type of therapy. The front desk Chiropractic Assistant, Elizabeth, introduced me to Faith. After our session, my adrenal glands seemed to have calmed down so much, that I felt like I had been on vacation for a few days. My mind stopped "racing" and I was actually able to put tasks in proper order and in perspective. Thank you Faith!
-Thena L

Thena L.

"staff are all very caring and helpful..."

I have been seeing Dr. Montgomery for several months now and have been very happy with the whole office staff and his treatments on me.
I have a multitude of health issues & have had on-going pain since surgery. I have not been able to lay on my hip due to pain. Since seeing Dr. Montgomery I can now lay on that side for short stints at a time. I have a lot of scar tissue and Dr. Montgomery has been breaking it down through manipulations and massage. I have also had expert assistance on exercises for my health/pain issues including Shoulder, Neck, Hip, Back and Knee.
Dr. Montgomery and his staff are all very caring and helpful. They are my ray of sunshine – I feel blessed. I have and will continue to recommend them.

Trish F.

Walking on Pillows

I came into RST to work with Dr Dakota . I was one block of tightness from my fab CrossFit workout that morning. After 45 min of treatment I was amazed at how different I felt. I actually couldn't believe all that could change from one session. It felt like I got my body back. I was walking on pillows. My joints were juicy, my feet were gliding and I felt just a wellness all over. It's hard to describe other than what was blocking me was no longer there. I highly recommend getting work done especially if you are pushing yourself in the gym. My goal is to be able to do deep squats and I'm hopeful I'm on my way there.

Angel I.

Faith Dubke BOWENWORK "You must try her work!!!"

I went in with a terrible stress headache and her work she did really helped me a lot. Today I feel even better. After 18 years or more of a lot of medical issues I really can't believe how she was able to help me without creating more pain. You must try her work!!!

Keeli Correll

"I was able to dead lift 525 lbs"

I have been into RST for multiple injuries and have had great success with the treatments I get here. One of my last ones was a strained hamstring. After being treated, I was able to dead lift 525 lbs and demolishing my previous PR by 80 lbs. I would definitely recommend RST to any athlete. The staff here is always friendly and very welcoming.

Aaron S.

Everyone greets you and makes you feel safe

Came in with a rotator cuff injury and was very well looked after by Dakota, who had me back in action in no time!
All the staff were very welcoming and looked after me. I enjoyed coming to my appointments each week knowing I was in safe hands. I highly recommend this practice. Thank you once again!

Emily J.

"improvement in my capabilities"

I came to Dakota with pain and numbness in my neck radiating down my arm. After every treatment by him I saw an improvement in my capabilities. I am truly grateful for everyone's help at this facility.

Linda D.

"... personable and compassionate. I highly recommend..."

I came to Dr. Montgomery's office from a recommendation. I am a runner and suffered a significant hamstring injury. As a runner I am more upset that I could not run rather than the damage done to my body. With Dr. Montgomery's techniques and "homework" I was soon feeling improvements. With every visit Dr. Montgomery showed a personal interest on my injury and healing process. He and his staff are very professional, personable and compassionate. I highly recommend Dr. Montgomery and his staff.

Eric S.

Major Appreciation

I am a 64 year old male and had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder and needed additional rehab to help in gaining my strength back. I went to Dr. Mongomery for that assistance and could not be happier. Through his techniques and professional skill, he has restored my shoulder back to normal; I have greater range of motion, a stronger shoulder and no more pain. I highly recommend Dr. Mongomery and his staff without hesitation.

Richard L. J.

Amazing Technique!

Dr. Montgomery's techniques are AMAZING! I've been a Law Enforcement Officer for 14 years and had several injuries on the job. He has performed the Graston Technique and DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy on me. Through his help and instruction to proper exercises/stretching routines I was able to continue my daily duties. An amazing facility, staff and Doctor! NorCal's finest! 100% Recommended!

Nakiya B.

Very Grateful

I appreciate Dr. Dakota's sincere heart that accompanys his skill. I had the biggest and most painful knots on my right shoulder, but Dakota's gentle and skillful treatment healed my pain. I am so greatful, and recommand his care to anyone.

Heiyoung C.