Sports Chiropractor Redding CA

Redding, California is a great place to work out to keep your body in shape.

If you enjoy regular exercise, though, you need to be careful you don’t get overuse injuries. An overuse injury can occur over time as structures like ligaments, tendons, and muscles are physically stressed and remodeled. When they are remodeled, that means the tissue has been broken down and built back up. If it breaks down faster than is built up, an overuse injury can occur. If this happens, you will need to see a sports chiropractor in Redding CA. There are some ways you can avoid some of these injuries, though. Below are some good tips to help you.

  1. Never push through your pain: everyone has heard the phrase, “no pain, no gain,” but when that pain is in your back or legs, this rule doesn’t apply. If you continue to push yourself through this pain, negative stress will be put on your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. This can cause an overuse injury. In these cases, pain indicates when you should stop or slow down.
  2. Use the 10% rule: if you are an athlete, you are likely interested in improving your speed and strength. When you push yourself too hard you put yourself at risk for an injury, though. Because of this, experts suggest increasing the amount you train no more than 10% each week. If the extra 10% causes you pain, you will need to ease off a bit.
  3. Training day should be alternated: training hard each day puts stress on your body and could potentially lead to leg and back pain. Instead, train hard one day then train a little easier the following day. Also, consider training different parts of your body each day. If you still find you have pain after cutting back your routine, talk with your sports chiropractor Redding CA for an assessment and potential treatment.
  4. Regularly replace your running shoes: your running shoes should be replaced at least every 500 miles. When you push them further than that, they lose their ability to absorb shock and can cause your feet and legs an overuse injury. You should also limit your running to 45 miles or less a week. If you run any farther, your stamina will not be increased but the chances of you hurting yourself will be.
  5. Always warm up and cool down: begin working out with a light jog. After that, stretch gently to prepare your body for more vigorous activity. Once your workout is finished, walk, stretch, or do yoga to cool down.
  6. Talk with your chiropractor or doctor regularly: before you start any new exercise routine, talk with your chiropractor or doctor about it. They will give you an examination for risk factors and help you determine how to work out safely.

Working out is important for good health, but you must be careful not to cause an overuse injury. Use the tips above to help you stay in shape and keep from being hurt.