Searching for A “Chiropractor Near Me” in Redding CA?

A few weeks ago, I decided to look around for a chiropractor near me.

I found there are quite a few in the area. I started wondering how others search for a chiropractor when they need one. I decided to educate my readers on how to find a chiropractor in their area.

The first thing I did on my search was Google, “Chiropractor Near Me.” My search brought up a lot of results, but I had to decide where to go from there. My first suggestion would be to talk with your friends and family about their experiences with a chiropractor. You will certainly want to determine if they are covered by your health plan or not. That factor alone can shorten your list quickly.


When looking for a chiropractor, look for one that specializes in what you need. Some chiropractors will specialize in pediatric care while others in sports injuries. There licensure and education can tell you a lot about what they specialize in as well. Always check to ensure any chiropractor you are considering is currently licensed. Your best bet is to find a chiropractor that is been in business for many years so they will be experienced in handling problems such as yours.


There is a broad base of education in the field of chiropractic care. There are many treatments available from different chiropractors. You will need to find a chiropractor that is experienced with a technique you prefer. Most chiropractors offer manual therapies as core services, such as spinal manipulation. There are other techniques that are often used, though, such as diversified technique, Cox technique, Gonstead, and many more. You can often look at the chiropractor’s website to better understand the techniques they use.

Face to Face Visit

It is always a good idea to arrange a meeting with a chiropractor before your appointment. Make sure they understand you are not wanting a full evaluation at the visit, but want to interview them as a potential candidate to treat your symptoms. When you meet with them, make sure they give you their full attention. Speak with them briefly about any concerns you have and ask questions. Feel free to find someone else if you don’t feel comfortable with that provider.


Once you are comfortable with the chiropractor of your choice, set an appointment. The chiropractor should discuss with you any issues you have, question you about your medical history, then perform a physical exam and an x-ray if needed. Once the exam is complete, they should give you detailed results and work with you to come up with a treatment schedule.

Selling their Services

When I did some research on a chiropractor near me, I noticed several of the chiropractors tried to pressure me to purchase services upfront. Many chiropractors will offer treatment packages, but you want to make sure they are flexible and are able to tailor their treatments to you and your progress. If the chiropractor you choose wants you to stick strictly to a package deal, you may need to find a different chiropractor.


Finding the right chiropractor is an important step in your wellness plan. Make sure any chiropractor you see fits your needs and desires.