Chiropractors in Redding CA

As one of the many chiropractors in Redding CA, a good percentage of our patients at Redding Sports Therapy deal with headaches on a normal basis.

Below are some tips to help you get rid of a headache when you feel it coming on.

It is important to understand where your headache is coming from. I once had a man that wanted an immediate adjustment. I had never seen him as a patient, but his friends had persuaded him that an adjustment was just what his headache needed. This man had never experienced a headache before in his entire life. He had also never had an adjustment from a chiropractor in the past. Before giving any adjustment, I thoroughly assess someone. While assessing this gentleman, he informed me that two weeks prior he had had dental work done. The dental work led to an infection that severely affected his sinus cavities. An adjustment was not going to help that kind of headache. Instead, I spoke to the radiologist who suggested the man get an immediate brain scan and check-in to the hospital. I never heard what happened to this man, but I knew I couldn’t help him how he wanted to be helped. The point of the story is that we need to know where the headache started to help treat it.

Of course, most headaches do not start from something that extreme. In fact, the neck is where most headaches stem from. These days, excessive screen time has a lot to do with it. As you spend time on your cell phone, desktop computer, laptop, or other tech device, your head remains in a downward position, increasing the pressure on your upper back and neck. This will cause you to have problems over time. This kind of headache will typically start with tightness in between your shoulder blades. Your shoulder muscles will then become tight before it radiates into your head.

One of the best ways to help improve your spines mobility and improve your posture is through regular chiropractic adjustments. These adjustments will help your spine move and function normally and will help reduce the pain you feel in your head by reducing the pull on your muscles between your neck and skull.

There are many exercises that can help you improve your posture. The exercise I recommend most, as do other Chiropractors in Redding CA, is simply pinching your shoulder blades down and back. When I ask many patients to do this, they and up bringing their shoulders towards their ears. I help them work on bringing them together and down. Another exercise I suggest is having the patient stand against the wall like a cross with their arms out to their sides and their eyes pointed straight ahead. The point of this exercise is to have their head, wrists, shoulders, butts, and heels all touching the wall while looking straight ahead and not towards the ceiling. People who have worked at desks for many years have a lot of problems doing this. Combining these exercises with chiropractic adjustments can help greatly improve your posture over time and reduce the number of headaches you suffer with.