Chiropractic Treatment Redding, CA

Patients looking for Chiropractic Treatment Redding often ask if a massage or chiropractic treatment would be best for them. My answer is typically a combination.

Let’s get a little lesson on your body. Your muscles are attached to your bones. The nerves control if your muscles are tight and contracted or not. If your bones don’t move, the muscles will not be lengthened. With this in mind, an adjustment by your chiropractor would be your best option. If you already receive regular chiropractic care and your bones are moving how they should, adding a massage is a wonderful option.

But, how exactly can you know if your bones are properly moving? Well, when you look at the ceiling, do you have restricted movement of your neck? Are you able to sit comfortably at your desk with a good posture, or do you find yourself leaning forward as the day progresses? Is your neck at the point where you can’t see your blind spot when you’re driving and you must rely on your mirrors? Do your shoulders turn as you turn your neck? Can you move your shoulder blades down and back comfortably or are your shoulders up high close to your ears? The answers to these questions will determine if you are having an issue with your skeleton and need to get Chiropractic Treatment in Redding.

There are many occasions where a pain in your neck or back is related more to your nerves. This is generally the case if you experience tingling in your feet or fingertips or if your toes or fingers go numb. Also, if you have pain down the leg or arm, or if you worry about your back giving out if you bend over, your nerves are probably the issue. Each of these issues also points toward a need to visit your chiropractor.

Don’t get me wrong, massage is a wonderful thing. It helps to stimulate blood flow and healing in your body. It can also be very relaxing through the act of someone touching you. I daresay it is not a cure for back problems, though. If your muscles are contracted, the reason is typically much deeper and more complex than simply your muscles. It is generally caused by a sedentary lifestyle of staying in a seated position too long throughout the day and not exercising enough once your work is done. Poor posture is another reason for muscle problems.

If you find yourself having to make a choice between getting a massage or chiropractic care, go to the chiropractor first to get your spine aligned so you can move better more consistently, and then go for a massage. These two treatments work great together. Whether you choose chiropractic care or a massage, make sure you are getting exercise regularly and remain active.