Healohanani Montgomery

nani2Healohanani, aka Nani, is a wife, mother of two, a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and an IFBB Professional Figure Athlete. Nani is well versed in her field, combining her certification and background in volleyball, basketball, track & field, outrigger canoe paddling, figure competitions and almost 2 decades of training in the weight room.

“For the novice or seasoned athlete looking for new challenges or to refine basic movements with the aim of improving output. I believe that fitness should be an enjoyable process throughout progressive development of both basic and complex exercises.”

“Training  and exercise is 10%; What remains is continued focus & mindfulness, thus making appropriate choices throughout the day. I would like to propose that we try to drop the negative misconception of the term “discipline” towards fitness and understand that we simply need to stay motivated, establish habits and find happiness in being healthy.”

“I am consistently reexamining my personal physical capacities and trying to reach higher levels; whether the level be strength, balance, reaction, flexibility, power, aesthetic or better nutrition. My husband, Dr. Dakota Montgomery, is a sport chiropractor and throughout our union we learn and discuss daily about health, fitness, strength, healing, etc…  Vitality and grace is my intention.”