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Redding Sports Therapy & Montgomery Chiropractic is predominantly a chiropractic clinic in Redding, CA. We specialize in numerous different types of chiropractic care ranging from sports chiropractic to very gentle chiropractic.

But we’re much more than just chiropractic…

We offer sport therapies, traditional physical therapy, personal training and massage therapy as well as customized nutrition plans. Within the clinic we have numerous different professionals working here. We have two different chiropractors: we have Dr. Dakota Montgomery D.C., as well as Dr. Seth Towner D.C.

We also have Jim Montana who is a physical therapist as well as three different massage therapists. Additionally, we have Chris Thomas who is our strength and conditioning coach.  He does personal training one-on-one as well as small group training.

redding-sports-therapy-spine.jpgSome services within the clinic offer a free consult (click here for more information) to better help you determine if the service is right for you.  However we are not able to offer a free consult specifically for chiropractic care at this time.  A paid visit is required for a chiropractic initial exam (which also includes treatment) with Dr. Montgomery or Dr. Towner.  The biggest attribute that separates us from other chiropractic clinics is the rapport that we develop with our patients!  A lot of our patients mention that they feel very confident referring friends and family because they feel like we really take good care of them and that we really listen to what their problems are.

We try to treat people as efficiently as possible. If you need to return then we may recommend you come back again but we’re not at all one of these places where you are asked to develop a very large plan where you have to come and see us three times a week for the rest of your life. We try to get you feeling better quick as we can!

Services We Provide Include:

4 months ago I just started going to RST and after my first visit, I was already seeing/feeling wonderful results! I have had a terrible amount of lower back pain for the past 4 weeks and decided to make a appointment after a recommendation from a close friend.

I am so glad I did, because today is the first day that I’ve been pain free in 4 weeks. I am excited to continue my treatments with them and get this pain fully worked out.

Dr. Dakota and his staff are very nice and accommodating, and I would highly recommend making a appointment here asap if you are living with any pain like I was. – Ben Jennings in Redding CA