Complimentary Consult & Demonstrations | Professional Consultation

A few of our therapist/practitioners offer brief Complimentary Consults.  The only requirements is that you must be a non-established client with the provider and you must schedule your Complimentary Consult with them in advance.  Complimentary Consults are not available for Chiropractic care with Dr. Montgomery or Dr. Towner.

Please choose a Complimentary Consult from the services listed below:

  1. Fundamentals, Corrective Exercise, Strength & Conditioning, Athlete/Exercise Programming – This is a scheduled face-to-face meeting to discuss your rehab, fitness or specific athletic goals with Chris Thomas.

  2. Schulman Therapy – This is a scheduled demo of Schulman Therapy with Sorin Craciunescu.

  3.  Deep Tissue & Swedish Massage – This is a scheduled demo of massage therapy with Araceli Romo.