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with John Philip “J.P.” O’Hara

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John Philip (J.P.) O’Hara has maintained a passion for the athletic expression of the human body since youth. He was a NCAA multi-sport athlete, competing in Football and as an all-conference sprinter in Track and Field in the 400m hurdles. He hails from Southern California where he earned his Master’s degree at Yo San University and has been licensed by the California Acupuncture Board since 2013. In the Fall of 2013 he served as the team acupuncturist for the Santa Monica College football team. The Conference champs that year saw an amazing response from his treatments twice a week and J.P.’s love for administering orthopedic acupuncture was realized. J.P. likes to utilize electro-acupuncture and other modalities such as active ROM exercises while needles are retained in other parts of the body. His focus on anatomy and functional relationships between muscle groups serves to promote blood flow, release contracted muscles by disrupting the motor end-plate, and allow the body’s natural healing mechanisms to function optimally.

J.P. can contacted by phone at 310-977-4019 or emailed at jpohara@reddingsportstherapy.com


Treatment Price:

New or Return Patient: $80 per session

3 Pre-paid treatment pack: $195 ($65 per session)